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When Should Your Business Turn to Collateral Lending

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

While most businesses, small or large, can find great benefits from collateral lending, a lot of its advantages are well-suited for businesses who are in certain types of situations, industry-wise of or size-wise. Here are some and if any of them resonates with your business, maybe collateral lending is the way to go.

Six Organization Tips for Your Small Business

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

An organized business is a productive business and yet, for most small business owners, organization is often disregarded and undervalued. Don’t believe it? Try out these seven things on your business and see immense difference in efficiency and productivity!

Ironwood expands services to include factoring, unveils Copperwood Capital

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

In an effort to expand services for customers, Ironwood Finance has included Invoice Factoring in their dynamic list of alternative lending programs. Ironwood currently offers merchant cash advance for all industries, a flexible equipment leasing program, and collateral lending. With the addition of invoice factoring, a new department within Ironwood has been established – Copperwood Capital.

Small Business Feature: WCD Enterprises

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

Wilene Dunn, owner and CEO of speaker development company WCD Enterprises, talks about her humble beginnings, how a book pushed her to start WCD, and how business expansion allowed her to stay on top of the game.

INFOGRAPHIC: What is Invoice Factoring?

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

Small business tip: If you’re tired of waiting for your clients to pay you and want to improve your cash flow now, then invoice factoring is the way to go! Check out this infographic to learn more about it.

Six Signs Your Small Business is Ready to Expand

Jinky Romero Ironwood Insights

Small business expansion is no joke. A successful expansion takes time, money, and a whole lot of planning. If the urge to expand has been itching at you a lot more lately, make sure you’re ready for it by checking these six things off.

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