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*Non-Bank Unsecured “Cash Flow Based” Working Capital 3-24 Months (5-15% Gross Annual Rev)

*Private Equipment Lease Financing $1 Buy Out or true “Tax Lease”

*Sale Lease Backs of Heavy Equipment and Tilted Commercial Equipment

*We Have One of the Widest Credit Windows and Can Fund Regardless of Past Credit Issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Type of Working Capital Loans Do you offer

    While we do offer some traditional loans about 80% of our customers chose a Cash Flow Advance over traditional lending 

  • What is a Cash Flow Advance

    A Cash Flow Advance is really not a loan it is the purchasing of your future income, and it is not considered debt. For example you may sell $50,000 of your future income to us for around $43,000.

  • How Do I Pay Back Cash Flow Financing

    A Cash Flow Advance is typically repaid in two ways;

    1. Daily fixed auto ACH or
    2. Percentage of sales
    This type of financing is designed to manage your cash flow. We know you don’t only get payments from customers once a month so why would you want to make payments once a month. 

  • Will I Qualify?

    If you have been in business a minimum of three months have a business checking account and gross at least $10,000 per month on average you will qualify.  

  • Do I have to accept credit cards?


    Most Advance company’s require your business to accept credit cards, and they make you switch credit card processing companies, and if you do accept credit card we don’t require that you switch credit card processors. 

  • What Documents Will I Need?

    We will need a completed application you can download the PDF Application or fill out the Online Application. We will also need your last 3 months of business banking statements and if you do accept credit cards we will need your last 3 months of merchant processing statements.

  • Do I need to have good Credit


    In fact your credit can be terrible. We understand that running a business can affect your credit, that is why we base our decisions on your cash flow not your personal credit.   

  • I already have high revolving debt what can you do for me?

    If you have maxed out your credit cards or are using more than 40% of the available credit this is hurting your personal credit and preventing you from getting traditional financing.

    We can help, a Cash Flow Advance is not a loan and does not report to your personal credit as a loan. Since we have purchased a portion of you future income you could pay down you credit cards improving your personal credit scores and possibly  making you eligible for traditional bank financing. 

  • What is Working Capital

    We tend to consider Working Capital your “Cash on Hand” Not having available capital when you need it is the biggest killer of small business. Many business will will have to shut down durring times of growth because they lack the necessary working Capital or “Cash on Hand to expand.