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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Spending Merchant Cash Advances

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Now that you’ve got your working capital, what do you do with it? Here are some of the smartest ways to use that merchant cash advance for your business:


Small Business Situation: Your retail business is gradually getting demands for one of the biggest expenses for your business – inventory. Customers’ tastes change and evolve, and as producer, you have to keep up. As a small business, you don’t exactly have the cash in to make this purchase.

Inventory is the most common way of using small business merchant cash advance, especially for retail stores. Like mentioned above, inventory is one of the biggest expenses for a business, and it’s difficult considering you’re going to need to make the purchase before seeing a return on investment. But, replenishing your inventory is a must for the success of your business – this is where small business funding comes in.


Small Business Situation: You’ve been in business for a while, maybe close to a year, and you know your product is good. All your customers tell you so, and they promise to rave to all their friends about you. Yet, for some reason, you’re still not getting the amount of exposure you need to boost your sales. They’re not bad, but they’re still not as good considering all the great things people say about your product. It doesn’t add up.

Unfortunately, gone are the days where simple word of mouth is enough to bring attention to products and services. Fortunately, we live in the digital age where there are countless resources to brand and market your business. While this might not seem like something you might want to invest in, it should be. A lot of businesses outsource this and whether you choose to do that or not (there are many ways one can handle marketing in house), it’s important to give value to it. After all, you can’t make money if you don’t spend money – and this is especially true for marketing.

To read the rest of this small business guide, download the PDF here.