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Why You Should Support Small Business Saturday

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Black Friday may be a long-standing shopping tradition in the U.S., but Small Business Saturday is quickly making its mark on shoppers as well. Established in 2010 by American Express, SBS is dedicated to supporting and celebrating small business communities across the country. As of 2016, the U.S. is home to about 28.8 million small businesses– that’s 99.7% of all U.S. businesses.

Small businesses are truly the backbone of our economy, playing a major role in economic growth and creating jobs (63% of new jobs created between 1993 and 2013 have come from small businesses). Yet, despite all this, only about two thirds of small businesses make it past the two year mark. Only about one third will survive ten years. This is why movements like Small Business Saturday are important. It is crucial that we work together to keep this community alive.

If that hasn’t convinced you, here are more reasons why you should shop small this Saturday:

  1. One-of-a-kind offerings

The great thing about small businesses is that there isn’t another business that is a carbon copy of them. Every small business has their own unique set of products and services that you will not find in big name brands. Bonus: On SBS, get awesome deals on them too! Black Friday who?

  1. They give back

Most small businesses are more likely to tie up with local causes than big corporations. In fact, several small businesses already do this. If you’re wanting to help out, especially in the holiday season, find out which of the small businesses in your community are in partnership with local charities for SBS.

  1. You’re keeping money local

By keeping the money in the community, you’re keeping the community alive. Each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns 3 times more money (source 2) to your local economy than one spent at a chain. By keeping your money local, you’re also helping in keeping these small businesses afloat and creating jobs. Imagine your city without your favorite local restaurant, barber shop, auto repair shop, and many other businesses that you patronize – what a nightmare, right?

  1. Exceptional and personalized service

For small business owners, personal and meaningful relationships with their customers are important. SBS, despite higher traffic, will not be any different. They’re not out just to sell you a product or a service, but to also provide you with a unique experience that you won’t even be able to compare with big companies.


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