Unique Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

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Social media is the place businesses need to be. However, being on it does not automatically guarantee a spike in traffic and profit. Social media being the biggest marketing trend right now means that everyone, including competitors, has a hand in it. With such a crowded platform, it’s easy to get lost and ignored if your social media strategy is outdated. With that said, how does a local small business stand out?

Here are some unique and creative ways you can utilize social media to promote your small business:

  1. Utilize Instagram stories and Snapchat for sales or just to show off inventory

If you own a small business that caters to the younger demographic, the demographic that can be found on Instagram or Snapchat, then this is definitely a method you should consider. If there is a flash sale/just anything special in general happening at your business, let your customers know by posting it on Instagram stories or Snapchat. Take photos/videos of the deals to entice customers to come in and check out your sale. You can also use it as a way to give out coupons by asking them to take a screenshot of the story and showing it when they purchase for a discount. This can also help track down just how effective your social media is.

  1. Create “behind the scenes” or “how to” videos

Depending on the nature of your business, a creative video documenting either what goes on during the making or how to use a certain product will help promote your product or service. Emphasis on the word creative, though! Lots of small businesses are getting into video marketing so it would take a unique concept in order to stand out. If what you’re selling is already unique on its own, coming up with a creative output that rises above the clutter shouldn’t be a problem. However, for the more ordinary businesses, a one of a kind execution is the way to go.

  1. User Generated Content

Get your followers involved! User generated content can mean any type of content, may it be photos, videos, captions, etc., that come from your customers/followers. 51% of millennials, who as we’ve discussed small businesses should be targeting, have stated that UGC from strangers is more likely to influence their purchase decisions than recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues.

  1. Don’t take for granted the value of Checking In

In a world where people like letting other people know where they are at that exact moment in time, checking in has been almost a staple in most social media feeds. Use this to your advantage! Nothing says free promotion more than people bragging on social media that they are currently at your establishment. Incentivize this! Offer a discount to anyone who checks in at your location. The more people you get to do this, the more free exposure for your business.

  1. Never forget: Content is king

With small business owners of any industry dipping their toes in social media, it’s easy to find yourself posting about the exact same thing as your competitors. Set yourself apart by focusing on making rise above the clutter content. Focus on topics relating to your business and don’t just try to sell all the time. They key to making better content is relatability. Try your hand in or hire someone to write blog posts about different topics that pertain to your industry and are of interest to your market. Don’t be afraid to share your expertise! With this strategy, you’ll have your followers hooked on your business’ content without even realizing it.