Ironwood expands services to include factoring, unveils Copperwood Capital

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In an effort to expand services for customers, Ironwood Finance has included Invoice Factoring in their dynamic list of alternative lending programs. Ironwood currently offers merchant cash advance for all industries, a flexible equipment leasing program, and collateral lending. With the addition of invoice factoring, a new department within Ironwood has been established – Copperwood Capital.

Copperwood Capital will focus mainly on clients with invoice factoring needs. The difference with Copperwood, in comparison to all other factors in the industry right now, is the innovation and creativity of the people doing your deals. Despite being a traditional factor, Copperwood will perform non-traditional ways, ways competitors have probably never even thought of before, to ensure that your invoices get paid on a timely fashion.  This new service will exhibit all the standards Ironwood Finance has set for their programs: approvals to those who have a hard time getting it, excellent customer service, and an honest and transparent working relationship. With Ironwood and Copperwood working within each other, the opportunities for customers know no end.

You can apply for factoring here.

Need a crash course on what Invoice Factoring is? Check out this infographic.