Five Qualities to Look for When Hiring for Your Small Business

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Business demand is growing, and the first few people you hired already have too much on their plate. You’ve tried delegating tasks differently and it’s still not working. You don’t want to compromise business by having your small team do too many things, and that’s bound to happen if workload and people are not in a good ratio to each other.

If this or something similar is the case with you, it might be time to invest in new talent. Hiring the right people makes a huge difference in how a business works out in the long run. Ambitious and hardworking people are always a good investment, but most especially in small businesses where having an extra set of helping hands makes a lot of difference.

Now that you’re on the hiring spree – what should you look for in your potential new employee?

  1. Enthusiastic

First and foremost, you should hire someone who wants to do the job – and not just because they want to get paid. The ideal candidate will have a genuine interest in the position and in taking action in performing their responsibilities.

  1. Competent

Does the candidate have the skills and experience to complete the tasks and responsibilities of the job? When hiring your next employee, be sure that he or she is someone who can actually do the job, and can do the job well, not just someone who really wants it (although that is always a plus, as mentioned before!).

  1. Team Player

Having someone who’s likeable and can work well with others is important in companies but even more so in small businesses. More often than not, small business employees will have to work with each other all the time and it’s important that the potential new hire can work well in a group and in your staff in particular.

  1. Committed

The potential employee will not only be committed to finishing their job but also to the overall goal and mission of the business. The “just working to get this done” attitude will prove to be damaging to the employee and the business in the long run.

  1. Resourceful

It’s not easy starting and opening a business, this is something all small business owners can agree on. Before you got where you are now, you exhausted all possible resources to make get your business running and it’s only expected that the people you hire to keep the business running will be just as resourceful as you were to get their job done. The ideal candidate will know the value of innovation and creativity in getting work done.